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Tuesday, February 26, 2019   Alumni Spotlight: Demi Zayas

Demi Alumni Spotlight: Demi Zayas 

The birth of her daughter sparked Demi Zayas' desire to become an electrician.

Though mechanically inclined from a young age thanks to her father's background in carpentry, her daughter's birth made her realize that "the next best step to giving her a good future was to join the trades."

And she did just that, joining a small yet growing club of females increasingly drawn to traditionally male-dominated industries.

"Being a female is pretty interesting in a male field," said Zayas. "I'm generally ignored for the first 3 weeks and then once people kind of see who I am, how I am and that I do work hard and carry my own weight, everything opens up and nobody has an issue with me being a female."

According to Data USA and the United States Census Bureau, there are only 15,864 female electricians in the United States - shockingly low when compared to the 732,242 males working in the industry. These figures illustrate the urgent need for role models - such as Zayas - to serve as beacons of light for women aspiring to careers in the trades.

"More females should join the trades because it's an amazing experience, the satisfaction of seeing something after it's built," said Zayas. "It's so gratifying and it gives you such a sense of accomplishment to be able to see something after the fact."

However, regardless of gender, Zayas recommends WECA as a place where aspiring electricians can go to learn the tools of the trade in a fun and supportive environment.

"WECA was the gateway to the life I have today. It taught me everything in this open, accepting and wonderfully explanatory place. [You can] just really broaden your knowledge in this field, and really get to understand the nuts and bolts of how electricity works and how these buildings get powered and put together," said Zayas.

And the future is bright for the electrical trades, according to Zayas.

"Electricity is not going anywhere - the necessity is not going to go away," said Zayas. "If anything, it's just going to become more innovative, and be used differently and more efficiently."

Zayas elaborates, stating that she had "a 35-year superintendent tell me that he still doesn't know everything, but every day he comes to work and almost every day he learns something new. I think that's really engaging and really exciting because you never know what you might learn tomorrow."

But most of all, Zayas emphasizes that aspiring electricians "will never know everything, [but] just keep that mentality and always be willing to learn, and you can take this job anywhere you want it to go."

Tuesday, February 26, 2019   Western Electrical Contractors Education Foundation (WECEF) Scholarship Winners!

Western Electrical Contractors Education Foundation (WECEF) Scholarship Winners!

Earlier this year, we offered the opportunity for students enrolled in a WECA Apprenticeship program, Electrician Trainee program, or Journeyman-level continuing education classes to apply for the Western Electrical Contractors Education Foundation (WECEF) Scholarship.

We were gratified by the number of applications we received this year, which resulted in the award of 38 scholarships. Congratulations to our 2019 WECEF Scholarship Recipients!

Justin Johnson, Apprentice

Blake Edwards, Apprentice

Su Nguyen, Apprentice

Joseph Garretson, Apprentice

David Sloan, Apprentice

Alex Rangel, Apprentice

Kameron Richert, Apprentice

Ezekiel Trejo, Apprentice

Oscar Bokingkito, Apprentice

Zachary Martinez, Apprentice

David Moore,  Apprentice

Michael Goodman, Apprentice

Derek Williams, Apprentice

Autumn De Chaine (Jackson), Apprentice

Joel Luis Jr., Apprentice

Larry Vo, Apprentice

Robert Rox Castro Jr., Apprentice

Brian Morita, Apprentice

Christopher Harmon, Apprentice

Sarah Hignojoz, Apprentice

Taylor Silva, Apprentice

Sean Abele, Apprentice

Austin Fuller, Apprentice

Tyson Grissom, Apprentice

Colton Filkill, Apprentice

Joel Zamora, Apprentice

Brady Muth, Apprentice

Jason Wetch, Apprentice

Joseph O'Gorman, Apprentice

Carlos Miranda, Apprentice

Luis A Vasquez, Apprentice

Anthony Zandonella, Apprentice

Brian Ray, Electrican Trainee

C.L. Paige, Electrican Trainee

Joel Munsey, Electrican Trainee

Josh Jozefowski, Electrican Trainee

Dillon Kerekes, Electrican Trainee

Stephen Guerra, Electrican Trainee

Tuesday, February 26, 2019   Tour our 3 Training Facilities in Virtual Reality!

Tour Tour our 3 Training Facilities in Virtual Reality!
Interested in touring our three training facilities but can't make it to them in person? 

Virtual tours are now available! 

Click on the images below to tour our facilities: 

Rancho Cordova

San Diego


The tours are also available via: 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019   Solar Courses, in partnership with Solar Education International (SEI), now available in Spanish!

SEI Solar Courses, in partnership with Solar Education International (SEI), now available in Spanish! 
FVOL101: Diseño e Instalación Solar Eléctrica (Sistemas Interactivos) En Línea 

Este es un curso fundamental para cualquier persona que quiera iniciar una carrera en energía fotovoltaica (FV) y/o comprender los pormenores de la generación de electricidad con base en el efecto fotoeléctrico. La plataforma del curso FV101 le permitirá continuar desarrollándose en áreas como: diseño, inspección, instalación, mantenimiento, ventas técnicas y soporte técnico; todo basado en los más rigurosos códigos eléctricos y en prácticas recomendadas por profesionales con décadas de trayectoria en la industria. Este curso es el primero de un programa completo dedicado a crear expertos en la materia; por sí solo es un excelente punto de partida para cualquier rama en la industria. 

Para más información visite: 

Sumérjase en los detalles avanzados de diseño y buenas prácticas relacionadas con sistemas fotovoltaicos (FV). Con un enfoque altamente técnico, este curso se diseñó para apoyar a diseñadores, instaladores, inspectores e ingenieros que quieren entender los detalles intrínsecos del diseño de sistemas FV, y los requerimientos para instalarlos correctamente. El curso ofrece una mirada profunda a los estándares del Código Eléctrico Nacional (NEC® 2014), última versión traducida al español, así como a prácticas recomendadas de la industria de sistemas FV interactivos con la red. Los requisitos del NEC, los parámetros de diseño y las prácticas recomendadas son aplicables a todo tamaño de instalaciones FV. Las lecciones desarrollan temas como: requerimientos generales para toda instalación FV, requerimientos para medios de desconexión, protección contra sobrecorriente, y dimensionado de conductores; configuración del punto de interconexión y dimensionamiento de sistemas FV con base en limitaciones de tableros eléctricos; requerimientos del NEC para puesta a tierra de equipos y del sistema; selección de inversores y configuración eléctrica; detalles avanzados de montaje sobre suelo y sobre techo; puesta en marcha y procedimientos de análisis de rendimiento; ejemplos de dimensionamiento y especificación de sistemas FV. 

Para más información visite: 

Este curso le proporcionará al estudiante una comprensión de los conceptos fundamentales necesarios para trabajar de forma segura en sistemas FV basados en baterías; estos incluyen los sistemas FV aislados (o autónomos) y los sistemas FV conectados a la red con respaldo de baterías. Se estudia el propósito, las aplicaciones y los criterios de diseño requeridos para los diferentes componentes que se deben seleccionar e integrar como: controladores de carga, baterías, arreglo FV e inversores basados en baterías (sumamente distintos a los inversores conectados a la red). La información en este curso le proveerá una comprensión teórica de los sistemas FV basados en baterías que podrá aplicar en instalaciones reales y aplicaciones prácticas. 

Para más información visite: 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019   Healthcare Coverage Update

 Healthcare Coverage Update

A note from Anthem regarding Anthem negotiations with Sutter Health:

We realize that if you are in a course of treatment, it's important to not interrupt that care. Please contact us using the toll-free number (800-888-8288) on your current ID card if you or a dependent are: 
  • pregnant
  • currently receiving medical care
  • have a newborn child up to 36 months old who is receiving care
  • have a current authorization for healthcare services
  • otherwise concerned this change will disrupt your care
You can request completion of care or ask for further explanations of your rights to continued care. An Anthem Blue Cross customer service representative can assist you. Eligibility for continuity of care depends on factors outlined in your evidence of coverage and the Anthem Blue Cross Continuity of Care policy. You can access and print the Continuity of Care policy online by visiting our website at www.anthem.com/ca

Tuesday, February 26, 2019   Apprentices Hard at Work

Apprentices Apprentices Hard at Work
WECA's marketing team recently visited two job sites staffed by our member contractors. Apprentices were hard at work learning the tricks-of-the-trade from their mentors. Check out the pictures below! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019   32-hour Fire Alarm Systems self-paced online class from WECA Partner NTC is newly updated.

 Where's the Fire? 32-hour Fire Alarm Systems self-paced online class from WECA Partner NTC is newly updated.
Fire Alarm Systems (32 hour course)

Newly Code-and-information-updated!

This course is recommended for Certified Technicians and Journeymen. It is also appropriate for Trainees who have taken GET WIRED! 101 or an equivalent introductory electrical or low voltage course, or who have field experience.

Course content includes:

Fire Alarm Systems Design:
  • Introduction to Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems Basics
  • Life Safety & Building Codes (NFPA 101 and IBC)
  • NFPA 72 - National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code
  • Initiating Devices
  • Notification Appliances
  • Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems
  • Signatures and Detection
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Networking for Fire Alarm Systems
  • Sample Fire Alarm Design Projects
For more information or to enroll, visit: 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019   Don't Miss Out: Apply for the Mike Rowe Scholarship through 3/28

Don't Miss Out: Apply for the Mike Rowe Scholarship through 3/28
For more scholarship info, click here: 


Tuesday, February 26, 2019   Check Out WECA's 2019 Six Flags Discounts!

 Fun Check Out WECA's 2019 Six Flags Discounts!
Attention member contractors: WECA has partnered with Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Concord, which means that you can purchase day and season passes at a discounted rate! You'll also be able to sign up for meal vouchers, and a "dolphin in water" interaction at a reduced price. 

Log in to our website and access your personal dashboard to download a flyer with discount codes and purchase instructions.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019   Upcoming Event: Skilled Trade/Construction Job Fair

 Upcoming Event: Skilled Trade/Construction Job Fair

Thursday, January 31, 2019   Employee Spotlight: Ralph Williams ralph Celebrating Five Years with WECA

Ralph Williams, WECA Client Services Specialist 

A Special Submission from Victor Jimenez, WECA Junior Client Services Specialist:
Meet Ralph Williams, WECA Client Services Specialist, who is proudly celebrating his 5-year anniversary with the company.  If you've ever been to our Rancho Cordova headquarters and training facility, you may have met--or at the very least heard--Ralph through the halls of the campus.  His personality and humor are grand, complimented by his determination to succeed at whatever task comes his way.
Born in Stockton but raised in Sacramento, Ralph graduated from Valley High School and then pursued his college education in Business Management. Ralph says that while as a student while he was known for his jokes, he also knew that when it was time to work, work is what needed to get done. It was that mentality and drive that allowed him to complete college and start working for WECA.
While Ralph had no direct personal experience with the electrical field, his father did. Ralph's father worked for many years as a journeyman, and he was the one who introduced Ralph to WECA. With a day-to-day task list of answering company emails and being the first line of contact for current and new students, Ralph continues to be a pillar of support for students training to become electricians through WECA. Having worked at WECA for the past 5 years, he's made a lasting impression on the staff and students. During this time, he's also gone above and beyond as a WECA employee; representing the company each year at the annual Rex Moore "Make A Wish" Golf Tournament, showing his support on behalf of WECA. But with all that hard work, Ralph also enjoys his time off, whether it's relaxing with his three kids or making some of his signature barbecue. 

Ralph says, "I love this company and the direction it's headed. Ever expanding and growing. I am blessed to have this job." On behalf of WECA's staff and its students alike, we would like to say congratulations to Ralph on his five-year anniversary, as we look forward to many more years to come.

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