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Journeyman FAQs


Q. Does WECA offer continuing education courses for Journeymen in California?

WECA offers a full catalog of continuing education courses for journeymen electricians, and has California state approval to award continuing education hours. Visit the course catalog.

Q. Does WECA offer continuing education courses for Journeymen from other states?

WECA does not currently offer continuing education courses for journeymen in states other than California. 

Q. What courses qualify for my continuing education requirement?

Courses that are relevant to the category of electrician certification that is being requested to be renewed qualify for your CE requirement. Current certification categories include general, residential, fire/life/safety, voice data video and non-residential lighting technician.

Currently, all of WECA’s CE courses are relevant to both the general and residential categories. WECA frequently runs courses which are also appropriate for those seeking voice data video or non-residential lighting technician continuing education hours. Call us for more information.


Q. Does WECA offer an online job referral service for journeymen electricians?

Yes. Just register for or log in through our website. Follow the prompts to set up your account, and you can submit a resume and check on the status of your posting any time.

Q: Are there any scholarships available to help with the cost of books, tools, fees and/or tuition?

The Western Electrical Contractors Foundation (WECEF) periodically awards scholarships to eligible Electrician Trainees, Apprentices, and Journeyman Continuing Education students. You can learn more about eligibility and the application process on the WECEF Scholarship page

Q: How do I request a replacement certification card if mine was lost or stolen?

A: A certified electrician who loses his or her card needs to fill out a request for a replacement card form and mail it to the address printed on the form. The cost is $30.00. Visit Journeyman Forms and Resources to download a replacement form.

Q. What is the supervision requirement under California's electrician certification law?

The required supervision ratio is one Certified Journeyman Electrician to one Electrician Trainee and one Apprentice. This means a Certified Journeyman can supervise up to two uncertified electricians at a time as long as the two workers consist of one Trainee and one Apprentice.


Q. I completed a California state-approved apprenticeship program. Can I get a letter from the State to prove it?

Yes. Write a letter to:

Division of Apprenticeship Standard


Attn: Record Section


455 Golden Gate Avenue, 9th floor


San Francisco, CA 84102


Be sure to include your full name, full SSN, occupation, the completion date, address, and phone number. (If you graduated within the last 5 years, you may also request a replacement certificate.)