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WECA exists to provide value to our member contractors, students, industry partners, and the electrical industry. We're happy to hear how they benefit from their association with WECA:

Member Contractors:


Darin Johnson, Corbins Electric:

     "I have been at Corbins for over 25 years and we have been involved in three different apprenticeship programs during that time. I have seen apprentices struggle through other programs as they were working 8-10 hours a day and then expected to attend class 2 times a week, for 4 years. This has an impact on the apprentice's work/life balance and also leads to people dropping out or failing the program. But at WECA, our apprentices go to school during the daytime for two weeks at a time, which allows them to get home to their families instead of attending school after work. The other side of this coin is the instructors at WECA. The other apprenticeship programs we were involved in had instructors who had separate full-time jobs but then had to teach two nights a week.WECA apprenticeship instructors are full-time instructors who don't have to worry about another day job. Since joining WECA, our enrollment in the apprenticeship program has increased, our employees' work/life balance has improved, and I expect our retention to improve as well."


Jeff Blakeslee, Blakeslee Electric:

     "Your apprenticeship program is an important component in the success of our business.  While it’s easy to look only at the short term cost of the program, we believe these costs are far outweighed by the long term benefits.  Blakeslee Electric, Inc. is seldom involved in a prevailing wage project.  We utilize your program not because we must, but because we see many advantages in doing so.  First of all, when compared to others, the WECA apprenticeship program simply yields the best craftsman. But more than that, it helps develop an employee that is committed to the trade and has long term thinking. We don’t want our people to think they are working at a job; we want them to know that this is their career.  Our apprentices know the investment we are making in them and it shows in their work from day one. 


Jason Beardsley, Tri-Signal Integration:

       "We believe in organically growing our field employees here at Tri-Signal Integration and we achieve this by providing them with the very best education possible.  We have found the best education out in the marketplace is WECA’s VDV apprentice program."


Tom Stollmeyer, Peak Electric:

"I feel very fortunate to be a member of WECA. Your continued support with your ongoing education through your classrooms, the online access, the ET and certification programs and your presence in the political arenas in both Sacramento and Washington. WECA gives merit shop contractors, like Peak Electric, a voice. I feel this is vitally important for the future success of all merit shops and the future of fair trade in California."

Dana Davis, Butterfield Electric Inc.:

"WECA's Electrician Job Referral Service is the first place I go when we’re looking to hire a quality electrician. I love that I can customize my search to the area and experience level I'm looking for. It saves me time since I don't have to search through resumes that don’t match our needs. And I always find this service useful when we’re looking to hire for an out-of-town job."


Tim Bosley, Bosley Electric Company:

"As a member of WECA, it is not lost on me that I directly benefit from the ever-growing level of respect that WECA garners within the political community.  Primarily responsible for monitoring those aspects of government  that affect us as contractors and advocating for our concerns and on behalf of all of us, Richard Markuson serves quite admirably in the role of Government Affairs Director and has certainly contributed to the respect WECA has earned. 

Knowing I have neither the time nor political clout to stand out as an individual in an ever-changing-- and for the most part contrarian-- political landscape, I consider it to be one of the greatest member benefits WECA offers to have such a well-respected, strong Government Affairs department.”


Clint Alessandro, Alessandro Electric Inc.:   

“I have been a part of the Western Electrical Contractors Association since 1998. I started as an apprentice and learned a great deal of electrical theory, code, and installation concepts, not only from the class itself but also from the classmates I interacted with over the five-year apprenticeship. I was able to use this knowledge to my benefit as an apprentice and journeyman electrician. Now, as an employer, it is apparent to me the quantity and quality of work a trained electrician is capable of completing when compared to an electrician who has not had the benefit of WECA's programs. The level of quality we are able to produce by using trained electricians has continually opened more doors for my company.  Their knowledge has also saved countless dollars in mistakes, poor installation, and potential code violations that would have had to be repaired.

In addition WECA also provides benefits to employers such as:

A strong employee knowledge base to pull from

- Assistance in determining proper wage requirements

- Free legal assistance from Cook Brown

- Health insurance for apprentices which reduces likeliness of a false claim

- Retirement for apprentices

- Competitive wage rates for bidding public and federal projects

I highly suggest WECA to all electricians and contractors as this program continues to provide a top-notch training and assistance unmatched by any other program I have encountered.  

Greg Anderson, Rex Moore Group, Inc.:

“Having graduated from an apprenticeship program, taught both apprenticeship and journey-level training, and after 30 years experience in this business-- I can tell you that WECA’s apprenticeship, electrician trainee, and journeyman continuing  education training programs are the absolute best in the industry. I’ve come across none better over the course of my career.”     

Mark Cooper, H&D Electric Inc.:

“The Apprenticeship Program at WECA has grown to a state-of-the-art 40,000 sf training facility, with classrooms that most colleges would envy. All thanks to the hard work and leadership of countless merit shop companies who believe, as I do, that quality training of apprentices and electricians is imperative to the success of  their business and our industry. 

As a Board member for the last 20+ years, I have had the pleasure of serving alongside some of the most respected electrical contractors in California. Literally thousands of careers and hundreds of companies have benefited from their association with WECA.”

Stacy Kerzel, Neighbor Electric, Inc:

     WECA is the most responsive organization I have ever worked with. 


WECA Students:



Koren McCollum, Current WECA Low Voltage Apprentice:

       “I'm learning tons with my contractor, as well as when I'm at WECA. It's a great combination of class and lab training while you work on the jobsite as an apprentice! I love learning and WECA's apprenticeship program is one of the best because there's such a comprehensive curriculum taught by WECA's experienced instructors. Combine that with jobsite training experience and I know I'll be ready with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the trade.”

Alfredo Franco, Exam Prep Student:

“Hello, I took the exam prep course in October (Riverside facility) and I want to thank you (Rick Labon, WECA Instructor) and WECA for giving me the skills and techniques necessary to pass my state test. The class was great; it covered a lot of things that I encountered on the exam.  I felt well prepared and walked out of the testing center feeling like a champ. This class is definitely a must for those willing to put in the time and dedication to study hard and pass the examination. Thanks WECA!!”

Kyle Walters, WECA Get Wired! and Exam Prep Student:

"Hey Zack (Wallace, WECA Instructor), I took my online classes with you and I took the test prep course with you back in June. I just wanted to let you know that I passed my test on the 1st try with an 87%. Needless to say I was stoked beyond belief. I wanted to let you know that the 2 day prep course helped me out tremendously. It really helped me understand how to find the codes easier & helped me not to panic because that was definitely the hardest test I've ever taken. I do have to say that the test is ridiculously hard, I swear that half the stuff on the test I've never seen or will ever probably have to deal with. With that being said I just wanted to thank you for all your help."

Dennis Farner, Exam Prep Student:


"I recently enrolled in the 2 day exam preparation 16 hour course for residential or general electrician exams. My experience was wonderful. The fast paced refresher course delivered a great amount of usable knowledge needed to pass the exam. The class went as scheduled. The instructor was very knowledgeable in the trade and code, a "well-rounded electrician," and a great person to learn from. He was extremely patient and fair towards questions, and was even willing to stay during lunch and after hours to answer any questions. I took the general exam 1 week after taking the class. I passed! I would recommend this course to anybody who is looking to take the exam. The school and instructors genuinely care and want you to succeed! I am very pleased with my decision. Thank you for taking the time to read my testimonial and great luck with your exam!"



Nikolaus Moser, WECA Commercial Apprenticeship Class of 2013:

“One of things I enjoyed most about WECA’s apprenticeship program was the interaction between the teachers and the students. I have always  been a person that wants to know ‘why’ and not just take what the books  say at face value. Every teacher at WECA took the time to answer those questions. One of the instructors, Ned Johns, is the first person I email or call if I have an electrical question.  I also want to give special thanks to instructors Larry Carlyle, Mike Moyer, Zack Wallace and Jimmie Slemp— all of whom played a huge role in my electrical journey. Thank you for giving me a future in the industry that I’ve come to love.”

Gill Chanpreet, WECA VDV Apprenticeship Class of 2013:

“I just wanted to thank WECA for the opportunity to take and complete their apprenticeship program. It has been a great learning and overall experience for me. I regret not being able to make it to the graduation this past weekend, but wanted to thank the WECA staff for making it all a smooth process over the past 3 years. I especially want to thank Kevin DeRocker, my teacher and mentor, for taking the time to make sure all his students were kept up to date and making sure we all understood the material. He has been a key part of my success at WECA. Also, thank you for the tools that I received! I will be putting those to work right away.”



Sandra Purczynski, Crest Electric:


"I recently called WECA to learn more about the Electrician Trainee program and was pleasantly surprised to speak with Bryan Wenze, who treated me with such great respect and patience. Since I was doing some research online and was unfamiliar with WECA and its programs, calling WECA and speaking with Bryan was extremely helpful, he did an exceptional job with answering all my questions. In fact, there was program information he needed to confirm with that required him to call me back. He actually called me back in a timely manner with the answer. How many times has a customer service person said they would call you back and they don’t? Bryan did and was very professional and pleasant! I just wanted to let his supervisor know that he's doing a great job!"