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ET Program Enrollment

Enrolling in WECA's State-Approved Program as an Electrician Trainee

To enroll in the ET Program and participate in WECA's training programs, complete the following steps:

1. Enroll in the WECA ET Program

  • Select a course. Make sure you review the course description and requirements and select a course that meets your skill level and necessary completion timeline.
  • Complete and submit the WECA Electrician Trainee (ET) Program Enrollment and Initial Class Sign-up Form. Available in ET Forms and Resources.
  • Submit the $25 program enrollment fee PLUS the tuition for the class you selected with the completed program enrollment AND class sign-up form to WECA. (PLEASE NOTE: The Electrician Trainee Program enrollment fee is non-refundable and does not qualify for refunds under the refund policy. See the Enrollment Form for more information.)
  • WECA will send you a confirmation letter acknowledging that you are enrolled in WECA's state-approved ET Program.
  • Keep a copy of this letter with you as proof that you are enrolled in a state-approved ET program. (Please note that you are not considered legal to work as an Electrician Trainee until you receive your ET Card from the State.)
  • To keep your Electrician Trainee enrollment status active with WECA, you must be continuously enrolled in a course. Review WECA's Electrician Trainee Handbook, available in ET Forms and Resources, for details.

Want to enroll online? It's easy! Simply select a course from the Course Catalog and click the "Sign up Online" option. If you are not actively enrolled as an ET with WECA, you will be charged $25 and enrolled in the ET program when you pay for the course you chose. Visit the Electrician Trainee Course Catalog.

2. Register with the State of California as an Electrician Trainee

  • Print and complete a copy of the State of California's Electrician Trainee Registration form, available in ET Forms and Resources. WECA's "School Number" is 108.
  • Staple a copy of the WECA confirmation letter to your completed State form and return both to the State of California with a check or money order for the State's $25 registration fee. Once this step is completed you will receive confirmation that you have been registered with the State as an ET and have proof that your are enrolled in a state-approved ET program.
  • The State will then send you a letter confirming that you are a state-registered ET. This letter will also include your "T" number. (This can take up to 4 weeks from the date you mailed your application to the State.)

3. Order your Textbooks

  Download a textbook list from ET Forms and Resources.