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Important healthcare information for WECA Commercial Apprentices, plus downloadable resources

Monday, December 20, 2021

Dear WECA Commercial Apprentices,

Any Apprentice who has active insurance with United Healthcare (UHC) should have received your medical ID card and dental ID card. Each plan has their own separate ID card. Vision ID cards have not yet been mailed out by UHC. If you would also like a vision card, please register here to create your own paper ID card for vision benefits.

Here are some important UHC customer service phone numbers:

Medical HMO: (800) 624-8822
Medical PPO: (866) 633-2446
Dental PPO: (877) 816-3596
Vision PPO: (800) 638-3120
Employee Resource Advisory: (888) 887-4114

When calling UHC to check on your coverage, be sure that you are calling the correct number. For example, you cannot call the medical customer service number for dental coverage questions. If you do so, they will tell you that you do not have any dental coverage, nor can you call the dental coverage line for medical coverage questions.

When using your dental coverage through UHC, dental ID cards are not required for services. Instead, provide your name and social security number at your dental office at the time of the appointment and they will be able to find your dental information through UHC. The same stipulation also applies when receiving vision services.

To view your health insurance information, please visit us here, log in using your WECA student ID number and password, and click on Commercial Apprentice benefits. This will bring you to the benefit page, where you will find benefit summaries and certificates along with "how-to" resources.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to Cindy Cormier, Insurance Administrator, at (916) 453-0112 ext. 117 or at ccormier@goweca.com.


Downloadable and printable health insurance guidance: Check out these resources below.

Employee Assistance Program Overview Member Flyer

UHC App -- Get on-the-go access to your health plan