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Introducing a new course from WECA! Perfect Solar Installations

Thursday, September 28, 2023

A visual, 360, and informational journey through NEC Article 690 and PV array wiring methods, in the form of 32 hours of online, self-paced training

Perfect Solar Installations is an online, self-paced course which introduces you to the basics of electrical code compliance when installing solar photovoltaic systems. The course explores Article 690 - Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems of the 2020 NEC using an exciting set of 360° images which allow you to explore all angles of an actual jobsite, plus photographs, illustrations, and diagrams. An interactive installation simulation, a solar connector wiring lab, and application of the requirements of Article 690 are also included.
The embedded 360° viewer will take you on a guided tour of an array to understand select issues for code compliance and also allows you to freely explore a recently installed array with the latest power conversion technology. 
Course Lessons Include:
·   Article 690 Definitions and Diagrams
·   Solar Connector Wiring Lab and Video
·   PV Wiring Methods
·   PV Source Circuit Wiring, Sizing, and Installation
·   Overcurrent Protection Sizing and Compliance
·   PV Source Circuit Voltage Drop
·   PV System Maximum Voltage Calculation Methods and Conductor Selections
·   Conduits and Conduit Bodies
·   Subject Indexing the NEC for Solar Photovoltaic Systems
·   PV Color Coding and Combiner Installation
·   Equipment Markings and Signage
This course is 32 hours for $269, and is eligible for WECA member employer discounts!
Learn more and enroll today!
P.S. Advanced Electrician Trainees: This course will be an acceptable alternative to "GetWired 403" as you complete the fourth year of your Electrician Trainee Program Certificate. Choose the option that works best for your own educational and professional journey, and call our client services team with questions or for guidance.