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WECA's Self-paced Online Course "Solar Power for Electricians" is Updated and Improved!

Tuesday, February 27, 2024


WECA has recently released a substantial update to its "Solar Power for Electricians" online, self-paced course. Our improved course now includes an introduction to module level electronics and three topologies of current solar applications. The course expands the relationship between irradiance, efficiency, and current. The types of source circuits and their IV curves used in stand-alone systems, microinverter systems, DC-to-DC converter systems, and central inverter systems are also covered.

Journeyperson continuing education students: Enroll in this stand-alone, self-paced online 16-hour Solar Power for Electricians course. Or, if you need more hours, consider Faultless Solar, which packages this course with another to provide 32 hours of training.

Electrician Trainees: "Solar Power for Electricians" is part of GetWired 402, so you will take it as part of your journey towards the WECA Electrician Trainee Program certificate.