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Course Catalog

100 Series - Basic Electrical

GET WIRED! 101 (42 hour course) (2014 Code Edition)
An introduction to the theory of electricity. It covers the fundamental electrical laws and explains how the National Electrical Code (NEC) governs the installations of electrical wiring and equipment.
GET WIRED! 102 (42 hour course) (2014 Code Edition)
Introduction to the Basic Installation of Lighting Fixtures and Branch Circuits
GET WIRED! 103 (42 hour course) (2014 Code Edition)
This course focuses on installing lighting branch circuits in dwelling units while exploring NEC requirements for safe installations and standard industry practices
GET WIRED! 104 (42 hour course) (2014 Code Edition)
This course expands your area of expertise into a variety of special applications, including special systems & single-phase transformer Theory in residential electrical Applications