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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Contract worker deaths from electrical incidents prevalent in construction industry: NFPA
The construction industry experienced a "substantial share" of contract worker deaths involving electrical incidents during a recent five-year period, according to a report from the National Fire Protection Association. NFPA senior research analyst Richard Campbell examined Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries data for contract worker deaths from 2012 to 2016. "Contracted worker" was defined as "employed by one firm but working at the behest of another firm that exercises overall responsibility for the operations at the site" where the fatality occurred. Data showed that 325 electrical fatalities involved contract workers during the studied time period. In 2016, 63 cases occurred, ending a three-year rise that peaked at 76 in 2015. More.
California wildfires costs soaring past last year's records. Insurance claims and cleanup costs associated with California wildfires last month are expected to exceed the record-breaking amounts paid out last year after blazes ripped through the state's wine country. The insurance industry is bracing for payouts exceeding last year's record $11.8 billion payments to Northern California fire victims. Not surprising, the Building Trades are already at work with a local hire initiative which of course in BT parlance means "Union Hire." More.
The Fresno BEE reported the arrest of Fresno Assembly Member Joaquin Arambula (D) which prompted a call for his resignation from the chairman of the Republican Party of Fresno County (shocking, I know). "Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said Tuesday that shortly before 2 p.m. Monday, police got a call from Dailey Elementary Charter School. The call came from a Child Protective Services employee who said there was a child at the school who had been injured. After talking to the child, 'the officer determined that the person responsible was Joaquin Aramubula,' Dyer said. Arambula was arrested for willful cruelty to a child, a misdemeanor under California domestic violence statutes." More.
Last time we mentioned that Eric Bauman, the head of the California Democratic Party, was out of office and seeking help for his "conditions". Now the proverbial other shoe has dropped. The acting chairwoman of the California Democratic Party Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker abruptly fired seven of the party's top officials and then shut its Los Angeles office, all on the heels of dramatic success in November. According to press accounts, "Many party activists heard about the firings through social media and were riled that Rooker released no formal statement on the reason for the action before slashing the party's top administrators and its entire Los Angeles staff." More interesting were conflicting statements from the CDP and Democrat elected officials. CDP mouthpiece Roger Salazar said "These moves [were] in consultation [with] the Speaker's office and the office of the Governor-Elect, "But both Newsom's team and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said they were not consulted by Rooker about the firings ahead of time." Hmmm--better get those stories straight.
Navigating construction defect claims in today's economy
The reconstruction following the aftermath of Hurricane Florence across the Carolinas will be vast, long-lasting, and could bring immense rehabilitation opportunities to construction-focused industries such as contractors, subcontractors and insurers. From an insurance perspective, it could also bring new exposures likely to be associated with construction defect claims. More.