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Friday, September 21, 2018

Sacramento Plans to Borrow More for Construction.
The Sacramento City Council will vote Tuesday on issuing $350 million in bonds to pay for the expansion of the Sacramento Convention Center and related projects. Merit Shop contractors, their workers, and apprentices need not apply for the work because of the City's PLA mandate. More
SF city employees' union objects to new tests for bilingual pay perk.
The San Francisco Chronicle's MATIER & ROSS reported "The city's biggest labor union is crying foul over City Hall's demand that bilingual workers take a test in the language that they are being paid extra to speak. According to the city controller, San Francisco paid out about $2.7 million in incentive pay last year to police, firefighters, social workers, clerks and staffers who are fluent in Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, and other languages needed to better communicate with the city's various immigrant populations." More