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Your Employees Can Prepare for the State VDV and FLS Technician Certification Exams Online, at Thei

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Let's start with VDV. This self-paced online course is for students who want to study for the California Voice Data Video Technician certification exam at their own pace. Informative presentations help guide students through developing proficiency in the preparation for and execution of the VDV certification exam. It is meant for individuals who are almost ready to take the exam. Much of the class is dedicated to sample testing similar to state exams. It focuses on practical research by the students to find the answers to questions rather than instruction by lecture.

Learn more and enroll your employees in VDV Exam Prep.

Next up, FLS. WECA's 32-hour, interactive, and self-paced California Fire/Life Safety exam prep course is geared toward students who want to study for the technician certification exam online, at their own pace. Also appropriate for Journeymen electricians, and those looking to further their FLS knowledge, the course includes hundreds of sample exam questions, which students take in a timed environment that emulates State exam timing.

Learn more and enroll your employees in FLS Exam Prep.

Call us at (877) 444-WECA if you have questions about either of these courses. And don't forget: Your "$25 off any course" member discount cards for your employees apply here, too!