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WECA Receives Donation from Western Tube & Conduit

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Huge shout out to Western Tube & Conduit for their recent and generous conduit donation! Both the Riverside and Rancho Cordova training centers received 14,000 ft. of ½" EMT (Electrical Metallic Tubing). 
Instructor Jimmie Slemp adds, "We would like to thank sales representatives, Ron Arnall and Jennifer Wildhaber of Western Tube, a division of Zekelman Industries. Riverside was able to use a forklift to unload but here in Rancho we recruited volunteers from the three current Commercial Apprentice classes to unload the truck--14,000 ft is a lot of conduit!
Donations like these continue to help the students at WECA thrive--thank you to Western Tube and Conduit for for continuing to be such a strong supporter of WECA!
And with that, Western Tube and Conduit hits the first home run of the year on our lab donation scoreboard!