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Thursday, January 10, 2019

How a Strange Accusation Caught Fire and Took Down an Assembly Candidate: The woman who accused Republican Assembly candidate Phil Graham of battery just before the June primary admits she told one of his GOP rivals about her claim. Labor groups and a Mexican company amplified her charge even after authorities determined it never happened. More
Kaiser Hit By NLRB: The National Labor Relations Board charged Kaiser Permanente Friday with refusing to negotiate on a contract for 85,000 employees in seven states and D.C. The action grew out of a complaint filed by the Service Employees International Union in May. The healthcare company is required to respond to the unfair labor practices charge by Jan. 11. A hearing is scheduled for March 19 in California.
New Year, New Name: The 116th Congress convened last Thursday. Democratic control of the House means there's a new name for the House Committee on Education and the Workforce - it's once again called "Education and Labor."
Another US Department of Transportation Departure: Geoff Burr, Elaine Chao's chief of staff, is leaving after almost two years. His deputy, Todd Inman, is expected to take on the role. Burr was an aide to Chao when she headed the Department of Labor, and advised her during the nomination process for her current job. Prior to joining the Trump Administration Burr was at ABC and was being vetted to be a DOL when Andrew Puzder was the nominee to be Secretary.
The Perils of Politics in the California Workplace: Though the election is over, politics continue to boil water coolers in workplaces across California. So, while employers presumably know that they must provide employees with time off to vote, they also must recognize that their employees' political rights are not confined to the polling place. More