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Western Electrical Contractors Education Foundation (WECEF) Scholarship Winners!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Western Electrical Contractors Education Foundation (WECEF) Scholarship Winners!

Earlier this year, we offered the opportunity for students enrolled in a WECA Apprenticeship program, Electrician Trainee program, or Journeyman-level continuing education classes to apply for the Western Electrical Contractors Education Foundation (WECEF) Scholarship.

We were gratified by the number of applications we received this year, which resulted in the award of 38 scholarships. Congratulations to our 2019 WECEF Scholarship Recipients!

Justin Johnson, Apprentice

Blake Edwards, Apprentice

Su Nguyen, Apprentice

Joseph Garretson, Apprentice

David Sloan, Apprentice

Alex Rangel, Apprentice

Kameron Richert, Apprentice

Ezekiel Trejo, Apprentice

Oscar Bokingkito, Apprentice

Zachary Martinez, Apprentice

David Moore,  Apprentice

Michael Goodman, Apprentice

Derek Williams, Apprentice

Autumn De Chaine (Jackson), Apprentice

Joel Luis Jr., Apprentice

Larry Vo, Apprentice

Robert Rox Castro Jr., Apprentice

Brian Morita, Apprentice

Christopher Harmon, Apprentice

Sarah Hignojoz, Apprentice

Taylor Silva, Apprentice

Sean Abele, Apprentice

Austin Fuller, Apprentice

Tyson Grissom, Apprentice

Colton Filkill, Apprentice

Joel Zamora, Apprentice

Brady Muth, Apprentice

Jason Wetch, Apprentice

Joseph O'Gorman, Apprentice

Carlos Miranda, Apprentice

Luis A Vasquez, Apprentice

Anthony Zandonella, Apprentice

Brian Ray, Electrican Trainee

C.L. Paige, Electrican Trainee

Joel Munsey, Electrican Trainee

Josh Jozefowski, Electrican Trainee

Dillon Kerekes, Electrican Trainee

Stephen Guerra, Electrican Trainee