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Healthcare Coverage Update

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

 Healthcare Coverage Update

A note from Anthem regarding Anthem negotiations with Sutter Health:

We realize that if you are in a course of treatment, it's important to not interrupt that care. Please contact us using the toll-free number (800-888-8288) on your current ID card if you or a dependent are: 

  • pregnant
  • currently receiving medical care
  • have a newborn child up to 36 months old who is receiving care
  • have a current authorization for healthcare services
  • otherwise concerned this change will disrupt your care
You can request completion of care or ask for further explanations of your rights to continued care. An Anthem Blue Cross customer service representative can assist you. Eligibility for continuity of care depends on factors outlined in your evidence of coverage and the Anthem Blue Cross Continuity of Care policy. You can access and print the Continuity of Care policy online by visiting our website at www.anthem.com/ca