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WECA's Hiring! Seeking a Full-Time Lead Instructor for Our GetWired! Program, Plus Part-Time

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Your Chance to Teach for WECA!

Are you a certified electrician (former/retired acceptable if you're willing to get re-certified upon hire) who enjoys learning more about your field all the time, sharing your knowledge with others, and educating the next generation, and who'd like to work for an organization that combines the best of all worlds?

If so, we'd be excited to have you join our team! 

WECA is seeking qualified applicants for the following positions: 

  • Full-Time Lead Instructor for Electrical Trainee/Continuing Education programs including GetWired! This position not only teaches, but leads other instructors through quality educational delivery, as well!
  • Part-Time Instructors for our GetWired! programs (Teach weeknights online and/or occasional Saturday labs at our training facilities--the side gig that lets you earn extra money while keeping your day job!)

To learn more about these positions and apply, please visit our 'Careers' page.