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Explore "Service Technician - General Residential"

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

This 16-hour course is geared toward residential electricians, or those training to become one, looking to become better service technicians by gaining the skillset required for diagnosing and troubleshooting common residential electrical issues as well as working with customers. This class includes the use of scenarios that simulate residential service calls to help train electricians in working with customers. Scenarios also cover best practices in utilizing the information provided by customers to help systematically diagnose problems, conduct tests, access a well-stocked service vehicle, replace defective equipment, and submit invoices to customers.

WECA's Senior Education Advisor and Curriculum Development Lead, Rick Labon, has designed the course to effectively teach students the proper methods and practices to succeed as service technicians. Labon explains, "There have been very few training resources out there for someone seeking the skills a residential electrician needs to become a successful service technician. That means, historically, residential electricians have had to rely upon trial-and-error learning, which is neither a safe nor economical way of acquiring the necessary skills. This "Service Technician - General Residential" course has been designed by WECA's subject matter experts and I to take the guess work out of what a residential electrician needs to know. We've replaced that guess work with knowledge gained from years of service expertise. All of the modules are based on tried-and-true methods which we teach through practice activities using real-world scenarios that residential electricians will actually find in the field."
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