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BICSI Classes Underway at WECA! Read Instructor John Arias' Review of the Program

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


BICSI classes are underway at WECA's Rancho Cordova headquarters until June 28th, and we strongly encourage our apprentices, journeymen, electrician trianees, and low voltage technicians to enroll in these courses to further develop a wide breadth of knowledge.

If you're wondering if you should register for these classes, look no further. WECA instructor John Arias enrolled and participated in the first class and shared his insight on the class with us:

Be humble, be teachable, and always keep learning.

Ever the student, Arias was intrigued when WECA announced that BICSI would be holding classes at its Rancho Cordova headquarters. So, he signed up for and took the class to satisfy his curiosity.

Overall, Arias reported that he enjoyed the class very much, though the class was a recap of the basic principles of electrical theory as well as signal and data transmissions and industry standards for installations. 
"The course is comparable to first-year apprenticeship classes at WECA," said Arias, "because the course focused more on understanding electrical theory, rather than the fine details on terminating." 

Regardless of the beginner's nature of the class, however, Arias recommended the BICSI program to WECA members and students. 

"The BICSI installation credential is internationally recognized," said Arias. "It's my understanding that some large projects would require a BICSI certified installer to be on site. And for students that have graduated our apprenticeship, an installer should be well-prepared to obtain the BICSI credential because this brings value not only to the individual, but the company as well." 

For member contractors and students interested in taking BICSI classes, Arias noted that preparation was important regardless of the desired class level. 

"Purchase the BICSI Information Technology Systems Installation Methods manual well in advance," said Arias. "Having it two weeks prior to class will help tremendously. Brush up on the basics." 

Interested in enrolling in a BICSI course? See below for our remaining class dates at our Rancho Cordova HQ.

But seats are filling fast, so register now! 

Applied Outside Plant Design June 17-21 
This course is designed to provide application-based knowledge of all aspects of the Outside Plant (OSP) installation process. During this course, students will apply what they have learned through a series of design exercises such as route design, selecting cables to be housed in the pathways...Learn More
Applied Telecommunications Project Management Jun 10-14
 Proper project management is the foundation of any successful project. This course is designed to provide ICT professionals an opportunity to build on their existing project management skills while also exploring the steps and thought processes behind the basic principles and information necessary for managing a successful telecommunications project...Learn More
Applied Data Center Design and Best Practices Jun 24-28
BICSI's DC102: Applied Data Center Design and Best Practices course is a five-day course that provides an in-depth review of best practices for designing data centers. In this course you will be introduced to various data center infrastructure systems. In addition, you will have an opportunity to apply what you have learned by engaging in case studies... Learn More

These classes are open to the public and we encourage interested WECA members to enroll early in order to secure seats. These classes are rarely offered in Northern California, and we encourage our members to take advantage of this convenient opportunity.

Registrations must be processed directly with BICSI. To learn more about these courses and to enroll yourself or an employee, click on the individual course links above, or visit www.bicsi.org and search courses by location for "Rancho Cordova."