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Unemployed? Check Out Opportunities with a WECA Member Contractor!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Are you out of work and seeking employment? Post your resume to the WECA Job Board. Or  view open positions posted by our members. Our contractors are hiring!  

If you are a current WECA student, or a WECA grad, go a step further and contact us about our Student Referral Service! This service provides additional customer service by having WECA staff provide hands-on referrals, taking some of that work off your plate.
WECA's Electrical and Low Voltage Industry Job Board is designed to help connect individuals seeking employment in the electrical and low voltage industry with the contractors who want to hire them. 
Our job board exists for...
  • Electricians, 
  • Low voltage technicians, 
  • Electrician Trainees and Journeymen,
  • Industry employees (including office personnel!),
  • And the Member Contractors who want to hire them. 
This is a free, no-obligation service open to all workers seeking employment in the electrical and low voltage industry. WECA's purpose in providing this service is to help our Member Contractors find the qualified workers they need. 
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