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2019 WECA All-Team Meeting: reinvigorating WECA's culture and strengthening relationships

Thursday, June 06, 2019

There is no 'I' in WECA ... or in team.

This much was evident at WECA's annual All-Team Meeting at its Rancho Cordova headquarters on Friday, May 31st. The event - which included WECA employees based in San Diego, Riverside, and Texas - highlighted the employees' impressive display of teamwork, camaraderie, and passion for continuing and improving upon WECA's standards of excellence.

"It was a full day of helping each other determine paths for professional growth, and having fun with teamwork," said Terry Seabury, WECA's Executive Director and CEO. "It is always great to have the entire team together to focus on ourselves and each other."

The day kicked off with rousing remarks from Seabury as well as Don Black, WECA's apprenticeship training director.

"Professional development is a key component of both WECA's success and each employee's growth," said Black. "Don't be afraid to ask the question - what could I do? And focus on professional development that will help you in your daily job and that is
interesting to you." 

Black also implored employees to not be "afraid to think beyond your current job duties. By growing your skills, you create added value and resources to WECA, and invest in what you do to support the organization."

Black then invited employees to share their thoughts on how WECA could improve both internally and externally as an organization. Employees offered thoughtful and proactive suggestions such as focusing on education development, promoting personal and organizational wellness, fostering leadership opportunities for employees, improving WECA's technology offerings, and streamlining the apprenticeship onboarding process.

To implement these ideas, employees then formed groups - one for each of the above suggestions. In these groups, employees participated in an hour-long scavenger hunt of sorts; bouncing around practicable goals and researching and identifying courses and certifications employees could take to meet these goals. After the scavenger hunt, the WECA team re-convened to present their suggested goals and courses for each idea.
Following the scavenger hunt was a raffle replete with unique prizes, such as a basket chock-full of lottery tickets, a s'mores grilling set, tickets to a Sacramento River Cats baseball game, and more. The raffle elicited smiles and cheers, as well as conciliatory groans from those who didn't win their desired prizes.

After lunch came the main attraction of the day: the games.

WECA employees partook in good-natured competition as they split into groups and completed zany activities which required teamwork and effective communication.

The event concluded with the winning team receiving medals, and with the entire WECA team assembling for two group shots - one serious, one humorous - amidst a sea of colorful balloons. It was the perfect note to end on.

Here's to another fun, productive, and fulfilling year of training and serving California's best merit shop contractors and their employees!