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Opportunity Knocks: Calling All WECA Member Contractors to Bid on Statewide Walgreens Project

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

WECA is pleased to announce our partnership with our newest industry partner, ProGroup Contracting. ProGroup, based in New Bedford, MA, is a national painting and renovation company focused on servicing commercial properties across the United States. Our partnership not only marks ProGroup's expansion into California, but also its first large scale contract in California - the renovation of an initial 32 Walgreens drugstores statewide, with more to come.
To achieve this, ProGroup must build a network of contractors throughout California. Thus, ProGroup has opened its open-program bidding process to WECA member contractors - an opportunity that WECA Executive Director and CEO Terry Seabury calls "tremendous". 
We strongly encourage our member contractors to take advantage of this great opportunity to build their portfolio and garner increased recognition within the electrical and contracting industries. 

Peter Suneson, ProGroup Contracting's Vice President of Client Integration and Training, states that "the 32 contracted locations only represent the first wave of conversions" and that "both the retail and hospitality industries are driving us to bid future work across the entire state".
And upon successful completion, Walgreens will 'most likely' move forward and utilize ProGroup Contracting's Services at every Walgreens location in California and the rest of the United States, according to Suneson. 
Interested WECA member contractors should take note of the following:
  • Jobs will average about $5,000 per location
  • The project start date(s) are to be determined. However:
    • Work will commence Mondays through Wednesdays
    • The first wave of work will run into September, 2019
  • WECA member contractors doing business in the general vicinity of more than one contracted Walgreens location may submit and secure bids for more than one job/location.
To submit bids or learn more about the project(s), WECA member contractors may contact ProGroup at the following:

Peter Suneson, Vice President of Client Integration and Training, ProGroup Contracting