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Congratulations! WECA Member Contractors Dominate SBJ Top 25 List!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

This year, 15 WECA Member Contractors made the Sacramento Business Journal's list of Top Electrical Contractors, holding well over half the positions and dominating the rankings. 

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WECA ran a congratulatory ad in the Journal in February, and you can watch for the list and the ad again in the Sacramento Business Journal's keepsake "Book of Lists" edition in December. Please join us in congratulating all the listed contractors!
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Our members who made the list, in listed order, are:

1. Rex Moore Group Inc.

2. Royal Electric Co.
4. Barnum & Celillo Electric Inc.
6. Helix Electric Inc.
8. North State Electrical Contractors Inc.
9. Capitol Valley Electric Inc.
10. Vasko Electric Inc.
12. Alessandro Electric Inc.
13. All-Bright Electric Inc.
14. Butterfield Electric Inc.
15. Bosley Electric Co.
16. Perfection Electric Co. Inc.
18. Garrahan Electric Inc.
19. KS Telecom
20. Ample Electric Inc.

We feel confident our member contractors will continue to dominate the list in future years-let's see if someday soon we can take all 25 spots! 

WECA was included on the Sacramento Area-based Business Advocacy Groups as well, landing in #16th place! Take a look below!
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