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WECA's Contractor Authorization Forms: An Easy Way to Stay on Top of Your Training

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

One of the benefits of WECA enrollment is having everything you need to seamlessly track your training in one comprehensive place. Our Authorization for Release of Records forms help you do just that.

WECA's Authorization for Release of Records forms allow journeymen and electrician trainees enrolled at WECA to grant their employers permission to communicate with and receive records from WECA for a period of time, as stipulated either by the student or the form type.

Alternatively, your employer may also file authorization forms on your behalf if you are enrolled in an electrician trainee or continuing education program. 

Authorization forms allow for the release of records such as grades, attendance reports, progression letters, completion certificates, and program enrollment and renewal information. Your employer will be able to ensure that you are working to meet your 150-hour continuing education requirement for state renewal. Further, your employer may request to be copied on all correspondence their you receive. However, your employer must notify WECA of this request. 

Please note that WECA now offers three - rather than the previous four - different versions of the authorization form:

  • For electrician trainees: the form expires upon the student's request or upon completion or cancellation of the program; whichever occurs first
  • For journeymen: the form expires upon the student's request or three years after the signed effective date; whichever occurs first
  • Release of records for general students and electrician trainees who work for non-member contractors: these forms will expire 30 days from the effective date or upon the student's request; whichever occurs first
Electrician trainees and journeymen who wish to obtain and/or file authorization forms may do so by signing and submitting the form to etregistrar@goweca.com. Upon submission and processing of the form, your employer will have access to your information on their member dashboard within two business days.

Additionally, your employer - if you are an electrician trainee (ET) - will also be able to assist you in maintaining active ET cards with the State of California and help monitor your progress in the program.

Electrician trainees will also receive ET overview reports. Your employer will also gain access to these reports, whose release are also included in the filing of the authorization forms.
ET reports provide the following benefits to both you and your employer:
  • Transcript browse: this function allows members to pull up-to-date copies of their employees' transcripts for renewal purposes
  • ET or journeyman certificate browse: allows members to pull course completion certificates for their employees who have successfully met course requirements to pass
  • ET enrollment letter browse: allows members to find proof of the student's active renewal with WECA, either for initial registration with the State of California or for renewal purposes
  • Active ET student status: allows members to see the current status of their employees and see if they are enrolled, or currently between classes and their deadline to get signed up to maintain enrollment with WECA
  • Daily grades and attendance: allows members to check on their employee's current grades and attendance for the classes they are attending