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Open Up a Whole New World of Possibilities with a WECA Low Voltage Apprenticeship

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Do you enjoy the technical and analytical side of things?

Or perhaps you have a friend or family member who does.

If so, a career as a low voltage technician is a great choice! And the timing is perfect, too - WECA is currently seeking apprentice applicants from the Sacramento, Stockton, Los Angeles, and Bay Area regions who want to help make our modern world possible. 

So what, exactly, does a low voltage technician do? Great question!

Low voltage technicians specialize in installing, testing, servicing, and maintaining systems such as:
  • fire alarm systems
  • security systems
  • nurse call systems
  • voice evacuation systems
  • very early smoke detection apparatuses
  • open-area smoke imaging detection systems
  • cable and satellite TV
  • the Internet
  • home entertainment systems
  • landline phone networks
And at WECA, we can help you achieve a fast-paced, satisfying career as a low voltage technician.

 Apply today to start your low voltage apprenticeship journey!