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Think The WECA Electrician Trainee Program Might Be the Right Fit for You? Learn More!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Are you interested in becoming an electrician, but aren't sure if WECA's Apprenticeship programs are right for you? We've got you covered with our Electrician Trainee program.

WECA's state-approved Electrician Trainee program is available to students throughout the state of California. All classes are exclusively taught online by experienced electrical industry professionals.

That's right -- you get the best of both worlds with a variety of online courses (taken in the evenings from the comfort of your home) and one to two hands-on, instructor-led lab days (held on weekends) at your nearest WECA training facility. 

The Electrician Trainee program also offers shorter self-paced online course options that Electrician Trainees can take to supplement their program coursework. While these courses are not required, they can be used to make up missed hours or fill the gaps between classes -- allowing you to maintain your Electrician Trainee registration with the state of California.

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