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Information Regarding WECA Insurance for Member Contractors

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Member Contractors - Please review the following information and reminders regarding insurance benefits for your WECA Commercial Apprentices:

  • Commercial apprentices are able to bank up to 520 hours in their hour bank, which allows them coverage for up to 4 months
  • Commercial apprentices have access to review their hour bank balance when they log into their secured apprentice dashboard on www.goweca.com
  • Keep in mind that 130 hours banked are equal to one month of insurance coverage
  • Once the hours in your commercial  apprentice's hour bank become less than 130, they will be notified by WECA and will be offered COBRA from our third party administrator, Infinisource. They may elect COBRA for medical, dental,  and vision insurance for themselves and their dependents
  • Please contact Cindy Cormier, WECA's Insurance Administrator, at ccormier@goweca.com or via phone at (916) 453-0112 ext. 117, for specific information or questions regarding WECA insurance