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Use ThinkHR Learn to Help Your Business Manage the Impact of COVID-19

Thursday, May 21, 2020

WECA Member Contractors receive complimentary enrollment and human resources assistance with WECA Partner ThinkHR. Access California human resources forms, documents, tools -- and more! -- online, at your fingertips. 

If you're not yet enrolled, just log in to your WECA website member dashboard  and click "Register for HR Comply from ThinkHR."

WECA is sharing this complimentary content from ThinkHR's recent email release, which contains timely information for businesses as they navigate how to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the workplace:

Dear valued WECA member,

In our ongoing efforts to help employers better manage the impact of COVID-19,
we are excited to announce several new online employee courses NOW available in
ThinkHR Learn.

Our new Pandemic Response catalog, curated by our internal experts, includes ten courses ranging in topic and audience. You can view the full catalog here, including course descriptions, duration and intended audience.

Download Pandemic Response catalog

This special Pandemic Response catalog is available now through June 30, 2020.

To start assigning the courses to your employees, please login to Learn, then click on the
new "Pandemic Response" icon.

Look out for more new COVID-19 related tools and resources in the days to come.


The Think HR Team