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Laid Off & Looking for Work Due to COVID-19? WECA's Student Referral Service & Job Board Can Help!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Have you been laid off -- and are now seeking employment -- due to COVID-19? WECA is here for you with our Student Referral Service and Electrical and Low Voltage Industry Job Board. 

Many WECA Member Contractors are actively hiring, and we'd like to put you in touch with them.

Get referred to WECA Member Contractor through our Student Referral Service. The only requirement for participation is that you be an active electrician trainee or journeyperson continuing education student with WECA, or a graduate of any of our programs.

What is this Service?

A free job referral service that introduces our current Electrician Trainee, Journeyperson, and WECA-grad job seekers to Member Contractors in order to help them meet their staffing needs. 

Who does this benefit?

Everyone! WECA Member Contractors are referred qualified, WECA-trained applicants to help meet their staffing needs. And in turn, WECA student and grad participants get valuable job referrals.

How does this differ from the WECA Job Board?

WECA's current Electrical and Low Voltage Industry Job Board is a self-service portal where members and electrical and low voltage employment job seekers submit and review resumes and job postings online.

The Student Referral Service, in contrast, provides additional customer service by having WECA staff supply our members with hands-on referrals. In other words--we take some of the hard work off everyone's plate!

The Student Referral Service refers you to employers, and they hire you directly.
To participate in WECA's Student Referral Service, please contact Ana Lopez, WECA ET/Journeyman Program Manager, at alopez@goweca.com or at (877) 444-9322. 

You can also:

Post your resume to the WECA Job Board, or view open positions posted by our Member Contractors. This Job Board is designed to help connect individuals seeking employment in the electrical and low voltage industry with the contractors who want to hire them. In this case, you and the employer will communicate more traditionally through the job application or resume viewing process, and WECA won't be otherwise involved in the referral.

Our Job Board exists for...

Low Voltage Technicians,
Electrician Trainees and Journeymen,
Industry employees (including office personnel!),
and the Member Contractors who want to hire them. 

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