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Cultivating Equal Opportunity in Our Economy, and for All

Thursday, June 04, 2020

We know that our member contractors share WECA's values of cultivating equal opportunity for all--this being the key tenet of the merit shop philosophy--and condemning injustice in all its forms. We all strive for the possibilities of tomorrow, do our best to remain open and responsive to change, and try to make sure our workplaces function as examples for the greater construction industry in promotion of fairness, equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Like many of us, you were likely shaken by the events of the past week, and may be struggling with how to understand what has happened and move forward from here. How to facilitate discussions in your workplace about difficult issues? How to lead by example? How to make sure all your employees, from diverse backgrounds and walks of life, feel supported?

We've provided a list for you of online resources which may be helpful to you in having conversations and delivering messages of support to your employees at this difficult time, as well as in an ongoing sense as we all work to develop and foster diverse and inclusive workplaces.


How to Create a Culture of Inclusion (Webinar Recording) - ThinkHR

(WECA Members: If you haven't already registered for your complimentary ThinkHR account, you can sign up through your secure member dashboard.)

Talking About Race - National Museum of African American History and Culture

National Initiative on Inequality of Opportunity - U.S. Chamber

The article below this one covers the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's recent launch of a National Initiative on Inequality of Opportunity, and a national town hall on June 25th with which you may wish to get involved.

eLesson in Unconscious Bias, Microsoft

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace - ESSEC Business School, Coursera

Leading With Effective Communication (Inclusive Leadership Training)- edX for Business

Optimizing Diversity on Teams - University of Pennsylvania, Coursera

Understanding Diversity and Inclusion, Purdue University, FutureLearn

Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program - eCornell

WECA has added a Diversity and Inclusion Resources page to the membership section of our website to provide ongoing availability to this resource list.

If you are already using other resources in your workplace which you think would be helpful for WECA to share with its other member contractors, please share them with us at communications@goweca.com, and we'll review and add them to our resource list.