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Have You Taken Advantage of Your Complimentary ThinkHR Member Contractor Benefits Yet?

Thursday, August 13, 2020

See How It Helps Your Fellow Member Contractors Run Their Businesses

WECA Member Contractors receive complimentary enrollment in ThinkHR as part of their WECA membership. Access California human resources forms, documents, tools -- and more! -- online, at your fingertips. 

Check out the handy infographic above illustrating the most popular ThinkHR benefits used by your fellow WECA Member Contractors. If it benefits them, it'll likely benefit you, too! Our members found particular value in such resources as Forms and Policies, Safety and Health, Managing Employees, the ThinkHR Q&A Database, and Law Alerts.

If you're not yet enrolled, just log in to your WECA website member dashboard and follow the ThinkHR registration link.