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Help Inform Standards and Regulation Development for Trenchless Excavation Practices w/ Brief Survey

Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Dig Safe Board is requesting your participation in a survey on trenchless excavation practices around buried infrastructure. Your answers will inform standard and regulation development as required per Government Code § 4216.18
The survey is available here and on the Board’s homepage. It should take 5 to 10 minutes to complete and will be open for submissions until September 3rd.
The results of the survey will complement the Dig Safe Board's reasonable care workshop on Thursday, August 27. We look forward to your participation at the workshop; however, if you are unable to make it or you have more you’d like to contribute, this is another way to provide your comments. 
The workshop will focus broadly on these questions. Keep these questions in mind as you participate in the survey.

  1. What hazards or risks do you pay attention to when using trenchless excavation methods?
  2. What communication or other information sharing between project owners, engineers, operators, excavators and other parties takes place when planning and conducting trenchless excavation projects?
  3. How do you prepare a trenchless excavation jobsite around existing underground facilities?
  4. How do you take care to avoid nearby subsurface installations while performing trenchless excavation?
You are also welcome to submit your written comments to these questions or provide any other input by writing to jeff.mcclenahan@fire.ca.gov at any time.