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WECA Member Contractor; Graduate Windell Pascascio Jr. Serves as "Fresno Voices" Forum Panelist

Thursday, September 10, 2020

WECA graduate and member contractor Windell Pascascio Jr., owner of Imperial Electric Service, was a panelist yesterday on an online forum called "Fresno Voices — How the city failed its Black residents, and the path forward." This forum, sponsored by FresnoLand, a team of reporters based at The Fresno Bee, “brings together people with diverse experiences and involvement — including representatives of government, neighborhood coalitions, health experts, educators and business leaders — to address the inequities and discuss home-grown solutions to racial disparity.”
Windell spoke about his experience running the only black-owned electrical contracting business in Fresno, and shared his thoughts on the importance of creation of opportunity for minority entrepreneurs in the construction industry. He reinforced that there are many educational opportunities out there for individuals to get an education in a trade, and mentioned the quality of education he received at WECA, his alma mater. He let viewers know that they could achieve “a good life, a good education,” by following his example.

We’re proud to have Windell as a WECA alumnus and as an example of the qualities that exemplify our contractor membership base, and look forward to continuing to stand by him in workforce development initiatives in the Fresno area. 

You can watch the panel event here.

Windell's portion of the panel begins at approximately 35.25 minutes in, and the majority of his remarks begin at about 40.55 in.