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Industry Partner Spotlight: Eric Anderton of Construction Genius

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Even the top dogs in the construction industry need additional help and insight from time to time. Luckily for them, they’ve got Eric Anderton—the construction industry executive, leadership advisor, strategic facilitator, keynote speaker, and podcast host behind Construction Genius, one of WECA’s newest Industry Partners—in their corner.

Anderton boasts an impressive background, with 25 years of public speaking, small group facilitation, and one-on-one mentoring under his toolbelt. He began working with construction companies in 2004 and founded his own company—Construction Genius—in 2013. And in recent years, he’s even delved into a newer but wildly popular medium—podcasts! Anderton hosts the Construction Genius podcast, which sees over 6,000 construction leaders tuning in per month to listen to his interviews with construction company executives and industry influencers and glean from Eric’s insights into how to be a better leader.

Prior to that, Eric received a Bachelor’s in History at Humboldt State University and subsequently worked in sales and marketing for various office-oriented companies, selling software, copiers, and the like. During this time, Anderton also honed his mentorship, small group facilitation, and public speaking experience out of the office by mentoring and advising a bible study group at Sacramento State, serving as a chaplain for Sacramento State’s football team, and coaching Little League baseball and youth soccer.

If you’re thinking to yourself “Well, Eric sounds great, but what can he do for me and my company?,” wonder no more! As an executive coach, Eric provides leaders with a knowledgeable sounding board and helps them to develop the next generation of leaders so that they (the current leaders) can maximize their wealth and happiness and secure a legacy.

Far from being a vague new-age guru, Eric helps construction company CEOs, construction industry firms, and smaller business owners tackle what he says are the biggest hurdles facing today’s leaders: clarifying their business purpose and values, building strategic plans, developing their best people over the long-term, systematically innovating through obstacles, and executing their most important priorities.

“The most important skills and traits for effective leaders to have are the ability to communicate with a diverse workforce, build teams, manage conflict, delegate people and hold them accountable for their performance, utilize time effectively, think strategically, overcome their blind spots, and leverage their strengths. If that sounds like a lot, not to worry—that’s why I’m here to help guide them and hone their leadership approach,” says Anderton.

But it’s not all just about a company’s or individual’s bottom line.

“I love that I get to help people face and conquer challenges they previously thought insurmountable,” says Anderton. “What I do helps people secure their retirements and the livelihoods of their employees and helps them to become more confident and capable leaders, but most of all—maximizes their happiness!”

When not working, Anderton enjoys spending time with his family (he’s a father of five!), contributing to the community in various ways, and studying ancient and modern history as well as leadership and strategic principles.

WECA Member Contractors interested in working with Anderton can get in touch with him via:

·        Contact him at constructiongenius.com/contact/ to fill out a contact form.
·        Schedule a free 10-minute chat with him at https://10minutes.youcanbook.me/

?You can get further insight via his podcast at https://www.constructiongenius.com/podcast or his blog at https://www.constructiongenius.com/blog/