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Important open enrollment update for Commercial Electrical Apprentices

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Dear WECA Commercial Electrical Apprentices:

The enrollment processing for United Healthcare (UHC) is complete. Your UHC ID cards will be mailed directly from UHC. Please review your UHC ID card when you receive it.

Should you want to change your Primary Care Physician, please call for HMO assistance at (800) 624-8822 and for PPO assistance at (866) 633-2446.

You may change your Primary Care Physician during the month of October and the charge will be retroactive to October 1. Any Primary Care Physician(s) change between November 1-15 will be effective on December 1, and if you make a Primary Care Physician(s) change between November 16-30, this change becomes effective on January 1, 2022.

WECA would like to encourage you to download the United Healthcare app. This app is available for iPhone and Android mobile devices. You may find a link to the app by logging into your dashboard at www.goweca.com and clicking on "Commercial Apprentices Benefits", which will then take you to the benefit page.

Once enrolled in the United Healthcare app, you may download a digital dental ID card as well. In addition, you can register on myuhc.com to print a vision ID card.

Please contact Cindy Cormier, WECA's Insurance Administrator, at (916) 453-0112 ext. 117 or via email at ccormier@goweca.com if you have any questions.