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Introducing WECA's newest Apprenticeship instructor, Jaron Stroud!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Get to know Jaron--who's based at our new Fresno training facility--below!

Jaron Stroud, 2015 WECA Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship graduate and WECA Fresno's newest Apprenticeship instructor

Meet Jaron Stroud, WECA Fresno’s newest Apprenticeship instructor (and 2015 WECA Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship graduate)!

Looking back on his Apprenticeship, Stroud fondly remembers “growing up with my fellow students as we all became better and better electricians. Remembering what we were learning and struggling with in the beginning and then realizing how much we progressed semester after semester gave me pride in myself as well as my fellow classmates that went on that journey with me.”

Since graduating from WECA in 2015, Stroud’s immersed himself in myriad aspects of the electrical industry.

“I did what I could to see everything that the field has to offer,” says Stroud. “I tried my hand in my different areas of the electrical field, like solar, industrial, motor controls, traffic signals and street lights, and eventually got into teaching.”

Stroud says his favorite thing about being a teacher is that “I get the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment knowing that I am helping new electricians starting their career get the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their workplace. I had many people help me along my career path and am more than happy to pay it forward to those wanting to get into this career.”

And now Stroud is giving back and ensuring that current and future WECA Apprentices succeed similarly. His advice is to “Keep in mind that education is what separates good electricians from great electricians. Being in a field that changes so rapidly, becoming complacent in what you know now will only limit your chances of advancement in the long run. Become a lifetime student…as an Apprentice, you’ll be expected to learn many things very quickly but even after you’ve accumulated enough skills and knowhow to be successful at your current job, keep taking advantage of every opportunity to grow, because it will only help you become that much more valuable as your career progresses.”

Stroud also particularly attributes his success to a few past WECA instructors as well as his fiancée.

“I’d like to give a shout-out to all my past WECA instructors—Zach, Jimmie, Ned, and Mike. I would also like to thank my fiancée Jordyn for her love and constant support, for all the late nights and early mornings, and for keeping me sane over the past few years. Thank you for being my muse, chronicler, proofreader, and brain-stormer. But most of all, thank you for being my best friend. I owe you everything.”

Well said, Jaron! We’re thrilled to have another WECA alum on our team, and know you’ll do great things at our new Fresno training facility!