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Also in San Diego: WECA reaches out to the next generation at the Vista High School Futures Fair

Thursday, March 10, 2022

WECA's apprenticeship outreach team recently visited Vista High School in Vista, California (a suburb of San Diego). In attendance were Diane Trotter (Workforce Development Supervisor), Talon Pobuda (Apprenticeship Curriculum Developer) and David Schoettler (San Diego Apprenticeship Instructor, pictured in all of the above pictures interacting with interested students).

Diane reports that the event was "super busy" due to Vista High School's population of about 2,200 students. "The event is the biggest one they have," says Diane, "and it was great to be able to represent WECA and provide students with information on careers in the electrical trade and our apprenticeship and electrician trainee programs!"

We look forward to educating and developing some of these students for our industry in WECA's apprenticeship or electrician trainee programs!