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Building the next generation of the electrical sustainability industry

Thursday, June 02, 2022

WECA's Apprenticeship Outreach team joined Imperial Electric Service (owned by WECA alumni Windell Pascascio, Jr.!) at Imperial Youth Skill Day in Fresno on May 26 to promote exciting career paths in the electrical sustainability industry!

WECA Fresno Apprenticeship Instructor Jaron Stroud (second from left, in the blue shirt) poses with Imperial Electric Service owner Windell Pascascio, Jr. (far left) and current WECA Apprentices/Imperial Electric Service employees at the event.

Apprenticeship outreach is always exciting and gratifying -- but especially more so when we get to do it with WECA member contractors (who also happen to be alumni!) and their employees, at a special outreach event of their creation!

We had a great time reaching out to Fresno-area high school seniors and college students exploring careers in the electrical sustainability industry at Imperial Electric Service's Imperial Youth Skills Day on May 26 in Fresno.

?The event encouraged individuals, especially high school seniors and other youth, to consider a career path not only in sustainable energy but in the construction industry as a whole. Imperial Electric Service owner Windell Pascascio, Jr. believes it’s his organization's duty to perform industry outreach in their community, and WECA appreciated the invitation to join in their workforce development efforts in the Central Valley.

Scroll down below to see some more snaps of the event!