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WECA Training Facility Spotlight: Fresno, CA

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

An Update on the First Year of WECA's Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Program in Fresno

Insight from George Leach, Lead Electrician Apprenticeship Instructor in Fresno and Jaron Stroud, WECA Fresno Apprenticeship Program Instructor

How are things going in Fresno since opening?: "Since the Fresno branch has opened, the apprenticeship program has been multifaceted yet productive. With the many changes and challenges COVID brought, apprentices and instructors alike, had to keep on our toes to try to get the most out of every situation, often developing new strategies, ideas, techniques, etc., for both teaching online as well as the transition back to the classroom."

How are you and the apprentices enjoying teaching and learning there?: "Speaking for myself, I love that WECA has a Fresno branch. I grew up and went through the apprenticeship living in the Fresno area, so I know how hard it was commuting to and budgeting for school when Sacramento was the closest facility. The Fresno facility has a large lab area, with brand-new tools and equipment, plus the added benefit of being so close for many Central Valley apprentices. As for the apprentices, when asking them about the facility, I get unanimously positive remarks, mostly about how they are glad to be back in the classroom, and the fact that their commute is so much closer."