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Considering Becoming a WECA Member Contractor in Arizona?

Thursday, August 11, 2022

You Can Now Schedule a Tour of Our Phoenix Electrical Apprenticeship Training Facility to See the Benefits of Membership Firsthand! 

Arizona electrical contractors: want to see firsthand what association membership in WECA can offer you? Come meet us and tour our Phoenix electrical apprenticeship training facility! Bob Bartlett, WECA's Membership Director (in yellow polo in the pic above), would love to show you around.

Here are some of Bob's thoughts on why you should check us out:

WECA provides the nation’s best electrical apprenticeship training program…hands down! Some call it “world-class training.”

Question...What’s the secret ingredient for being the best?

Answer…"COMPETENCY-BASED" training, like WECA's.

No matter what you call it, the benefits are the following:

(1) Home-grown workforce. From new hire through apprenticeship training, then journeying out. This is the absolute best scenario for growth and profitability.

(2) Higher retention rates…less turnover

(3) Improved productivity

(4) Reduced accidents

(5) Happier, more satisfied workforce

(6) Fewer reworks…translates to higher profits

(7) Trained workers help improve work processes and cost reduction efforts

At WECA, we enthusiastically encourage facility tours because there is no better way to evaluate and judge the training program’s efficacy.  Our “open door” policy will continue forever. WELCOME!

Schedule a tour