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Industry Partner Spotlight: EV Range

Thursday, August 25, 2022

The electric vehicle charging industry was already big business – but it became even bigger yesterday as the State of California announced its plan to ban the sales of new gas-powered cars by 2035. And EV Range, one of WECA’s newest Industry Partners, stands to benefit handsomely as the State and automotive industry phase out new gas-powered vehicle sales over the next thirteen years in anticipation of the new law.

San Pedro-based EV Range is a burgeoning electrical vehicle charging network that provides powerful cloud-based charging station software, installs DCFC and Level 2 charging stations nationwide, and intelligent and scalable load management via cloud-based and local management options for fleet charging.

Matt Peterson, Marketing Manager of EV Range, says that what sets EV Range apart from its competitors is that “Customers use the EV Range app to utilize QR codes to access a web payment portal versus requiring drivers to download an app on their smartphone. The number one complaint we heard from drivers was their frustration in needing to have a separate app for each charging vendor.”

Currently, EV Range boasts over 300 Level 2 chargers installed nationwide, or in various stages of installation, with plans to bring over 21 new DCFC charging stations online in California and Nevada.

“EV Range chargers arrive prepared and pre-networked for easy installation and are easily managed with the provided EV Range cloud-based charger station and management solution,” says Peterson. “We also continually add new features to our charging management software for our clients, and also to the driver interface for their users.”

Peterson also notes that EV Range’s commercial, fleet, and DCFC charger hosting offerings are all handled specifically to each client as they design each solution, apply for specific grants, consult on the build of future-proof EV charging stations, and provide management solutions for each. 

EV Range partners with electrical engineering firms, commercial electricians, electricians, commercial builders, and architects to expand their offerings, and looks forward to working with WECA Member Contractors to increase their ability to serve its clients with installation services of EV charging stations.

“WECA Member Contractors that partner with EV Range to easily provide their clients with leading EV charging station solutions will have full access to EV Range team guidance for site planning, grant applications, engineering designs, and equipment. We also provide charger station management software for existing chargers to help WECA members’ clients gain visibility into previously installed chargers. EV Range also provides discounts on leading EV charging equipment as well as a host of EV engineering, grant, and implementation support services to attain and complete charging station implementations,” says Peterson.

WECA Member Contractors interested in partnering with EV Range can contact Dave Stansel, Director of Business Development, at dave.stansel@evrange.com to learn more about EV Range’s support and products.