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Industry Partner Spotlight: Desert States Electrical Sales

Thursday, October 6, 2022


WECA’s new Industry Partner, Desert States Electrical Sales, prides itself on being a hands-on manufacturer’s representative to electrical contractors.

“We spend over half of our time in the field with the contractors and installers providing product training, and introducing new labor saving-products,” says Tony Rowe, President. Their commitment to doing so is what distinguishes Desert States from its competitors, adds Rowe.

Desert States – which has conducted business in Arizona, Southern Nevada, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas, for 35 years – represents a myriad of manufacturers, such as Arlington, BRK, DeWalt/Lenox, Magnitude Lighting, and Shamrock Conduit, to name a few. In the past two years, Desert States has also made strides in doubling the size of the company in sales and personnel.

However, Desert States does not sell supplies directly to electrical contractors, opting instead to sell through distribution. Regardless, Rowe states that Desert States can “help influence pricing [of products] to a certain degree” for WECA Member Contractors interested in doing business with the supplier.

WECA Member Contractors interested in doing business with Desert States – whether through sourcing electrical supplies or giving Desert States the opportunity to meet their Apprentices, Electrician Trainees, and Journeypersons – can contact Tony Rowe or Joel Keck, Vice President, at (602) 268-7008 or info@desertstates.com.

Desert States Electrical Sales, thank you for becoming a WECA Industry Partner! We’re excited to leverage our partnership as we mutually serve the electrical industry in the American West.