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Wrapping Up a Successful Year of Outreach

Thursday, December 1, 2022

WECA and Members Promoted Apprenticeship at CIE Foundation's Trades Day in Sacramento on November 28th

WECA’s Apprenticeship Outreach team is wrapping up a very productive and successful year! We were thrilled to attend CIE Foundation’s Trades Day at Cal Expo in Sacramento on Monday, November 28th as one of our final events of the year.

Representing WECA at the event were Wendy Flanagan, Assistant Director of Apprenticeship, and Low Voltage Apprenticeship instructors John Arias and Randy Rivera. WECA Member Contractors Royal Electric Company and Mark III Construction, Inc. joined in the outreach efforts.

“We had hundreds of individuals from various high school and construction trades programs visit our booth,” said Wendy. “They were eager to hear about the classroom and get hands-on demonstrations with John and Randy, while I shared program information with them and handed out our fun swag.”

Thank you for having us, CIE Foundation! It was an rewarding day, as always, of reaching out to the future of California electrical and low voltage workforce!