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Graduation Held January 7 in Phoenix for the WECA Arizona Class of 2022

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Please join us in thanking our sponsors and gift donors for making the event special and memorable for our graduates and their guests!


WECA Arizona Class of 2022 Graduation

Watch: WECA Arizona Class of 2022 Graduation Event



WECA celebrated the hard work and accomplishments of the Arizona Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Class of 2022 at their graduation on Saturday, January 7th at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Phoenix.

75 people – including graduates’ family and friends, special guests, WECA Member Contractors, WECA Industry Partners, gift donors, and WECA staff – attended the celebration. Notable attendees included Darin Johnson, Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety and Workforce Development at Corbins and WECA Apprenticeship Training Committee Trustee; Mike McBride, National Account Manager for WECA Industry Partner Talent Corps, and Andrew Spleth, Territory Manager for the Greater Phoenix area for tool donor Milwaukee Tool.

The evening was memorable and poignant, according to Wendy Flanagan, WECA’s Assistant Director of Apprenticeship and Don Black, WECA’s Apprentice Training, IT, and Facilities Director.

“Everyone was excited and proud of their accomplishments,” said Wendy. “Most of the graduates chose to speak and they thanked Corbins and their loved ones, and also expressed their appreciation for WECA and the higher level of education that we and Keith Smart [WECA Phoenix Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Program’s Manager and Instructor] offer. It was very moving to hear about how much they appreciate and respect Keith and his teaching and his mentorship.”

Don concurred with Wendy, stating “The graduates were very grateful that Corbins switched to using WECA as their apprenticeship program. Many graduates said that Keith was the best instructor they ever had and were grateful for his mentorship.”

The graduation ceremony also had a unique twist – certainly a WECA graduation first!

“Several of the graduates brought their kids, and one of the kids had a birthday that day. Her dad thanked her for cutting her birthday short to be at the ceremony, and we all sang happy birthday to her,” said Wendy.

Congratulations to the WECA Arizona Commercial Electrical Apprenticeship Class of 2022! We’re proud of you, and thankful that you are part of the WECA family. We look forward to seeing how you shape the future of the Arizona commercial electrical industry!