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Employee spotlight: Audra Jamieson, Apprenticeship Program Specialist, celebrates 20 years with WECA

Thursday, March 23, 2023


At WECA, many of our employees have become family over the years. That’s certainly true for Audra Jamieson, WECA’s Apprenticeship Program Specialist, who celebrated her 20th working anniversary with WECA earlier this month.

Audra began working for WECA as a file clerk in 2003. During her first year, she started working toward her goal of learning everything about WECA and its operations. Her ambition opened the door to expand her knowledge of WECA and inspired her to learn beyond her newfound acquired knowledge.

In Audra’s current role as Apprenticeship Program Specialist, she focuses on processing apprentice, state, and federal registrations and apprentice GI Bill benefits, conducts apprentice probationary reviews, and assists with apprentice wages and questions. She also provides support to WECA’s Member Contractors, students, and staff, and makes it her personal mission to find the answer they need.

“My current role today is sort of unique, as my daily tasks can change day to day,” says Audra. “I want to treat everyone I interact with just how I would like to be treated and provide the best customer service I can.”

Even after 20 years at WECA, Audra endeavors to continually grow in her role and contribute to improving the association.

“With the expansion of our apprenticeship training programs into Arizona and Utah, my duties seem to have grown as well. This is not a bad thing, because this only allows me to think outside of the box and about what I can do to make my daily tasks and processes run a little smoother,” says Audra.

Additionally, it seems that Audra’s passion for WECA and its mission has intensified over her 20 years with the organization.

“I have been extremely fortunate to be part of the continuing growth WECA has accomplished throughout the years. I really do believe in our core values and our mission to train, educate, and to develop a future skilled trades workforce,” says Audra. “WECA works hard to protect the rights of merit shop business owners and their employees, and I truly believe that 100 percent of everything that we do here is because of our Member Contractors and students. We couldn’t be successful and where we are today if it wasn’t for them,” says Audra.

However, Audra’s favorite thing about her job and working for WECA is witnessing and being part of students’ success stories.

“The accomplishments of an individual who has successfully completed one of our outstanding programs, whether it is the electrical trainee program or the apprenticeship program, is very satisfying to me. I’m honored to be part of that success of a student who proudly accepts their certificate of completion during graduation and to be able to walk the stage with their classmates and have their employer, family, and friends share that experience. Each student has worked exceptionally hard for that, and it pleases me to see them reach their goal,” says Audra.

And, Audra’s favorite memory of WECA at WECA is witnessing and contributing to the organization’s exponential growth.

“I’ve been fortunate to witness the growth of WECA in the last 20 years,” says Audra. “Most people may not be aware, but WECA was limited to training apprentices in certain areas and counties for California when I first started. So, one of my favorite memories is when WECA won statewide approval in 2005. That allowed us to start training apprentices throughout the state of California for our Commercial Electrical, Residential Electrical, and Low Voltage Apprenticeship programs. This was just the boost we needed, and between 2005 and 2007 is when WECA established our Electrician Trainee program to meet the needs of uncertified electricians. Now adding the Arizona and Utah apprenticeship programs to our list of accomplishments is just icing on the cake.”

Outside of work, Audra is equally passionate about her family and her hobbies.

“Coming from a big family, I feel like we are always celebrating something special, so I like hanging out with my family whenever possible. I enjoy all types of music and I like spending time going to movies, concerts, or any type of classic car shows. I’m also a big foodie lover, so I take pleasure in being in the kitchen trying out old and new recipes and making yummy things to eat for my friends and family. And when it comes down to baking, that’s my passion and I’m all over it. I also find it’s extremely important to be able to prioritize self-care and make life as enjoyable as possible. Just be free and have fun when you can – life is short,” says Audra.

Audra’s been extremely successful in her 20 years at WECA thanks to her passion and drive, but she also attributes her success at WECA to the help of her mentors, who have also become friends.

“I’d like to thank Terry and Bob for their greatness and knowledge of the organization and extend a special thank you to Christine and Wendy for always being a fantastic support system for me with any challenges that may cross my path, and their willingness to always help,” says Audra.

Congratulations on your 20th working anniversary with WECA, Audra! We are honored to have you as part of the WECA family, and thank you for helping WECA grow into the premier nonprofit organization serving merit shop electrical and low voltage contractors, their employees, and the industry suppliers that support them in the American West!