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Get to know WECA's new Industry Partner, ToolWatch

Thursday, December 14, 2023

WECA’s new Industry Partner, ToolWatch, uniquely serves the needs of WECA’s Member Contractors because it was founded by an electrical contractor with the needs of electrical contractors in mind. Over 30 years ago, founder Don Kafka started ToolWatch to develop systems that help contractors track tools, reduce tool loss, and save precious time looking for misplaced tools. Since its inception, ToolWatch has expanded its broad suite of solutions to deliver comprehensive construction operations software that helps contractors streamline productivity and propel their success.

“ToolWatch is a cloud-based platform consisting of two solutions, asset management and EHS (environmental health and safety) management,” says the ToolWatch team. “The platform was designed to help construction firms power better project outcomes with real-time asset and safety operations data.”

ToolWatch decided to partner with WECA because of “its deep roots in the electrical industry and our ongoing commitment to supporting its growth,” according to the ToolWatch team. ToolWatch aims to provide WECA Member Contractors with “cutting-edge solutions” that deliver valuable insight into best practices, safety standards, and tailored technological solutions to meet their unique operational needs. 

The first solution – ToolWatch Asset Operations – gives contractors real-time asset data to streamline collaboration between their job sites, warehouses, and offices. Asset Operations uses a job site portal and a mobile app to simplify the return and request process for tools, equipment, materials, and consumables while on-the-job. For warehouses, Asset Operations offers visibility into asset locations, which allows for inventory management, optimal equipment uptime, and support for field projects in the warehouse. And for the offices, Asset Operations provides operational control, which makes timely delivery and accurate billings possible.

The second solution – ToolWatch EHS Management – offers user-friendly, field-tested safety solutions and data-driven insights to enhance the health, safety, and productivity of a company and its employees. ToolWatch EHS helps contractors complete various safety tasks and processes, such as compliance inspections, reports, Job Safety Analyses, on-site training, and more.

“Unlike other solutions available to contractors, ToolWatch offers a comprehensive construction operations platform that unites the field, warehouse, and back office on a single platform that reduces operational waste, improves safety, and drives productivity on the job site. ToolWatch partners with our customers through a suite of professional services to ensure our customers have the training and implementation support they need to be successful. Additionally, ToolWatch integrates with other key business solutions to drive operational visibility, efficiency, and accuracy, and the system comes with outstanding U.S.-based support and world-class customer service,” says the ToolWatch team.

WECA Member Contractors who choose to utilize ToolWatch’s solutions will benefit from industry-leading construction safety and asset management solutions available on a single platform with responsive and personalized customer service. If you are interested in implementing ToolWatch’s solutions within your company, click here to learn more or reach out directly to Samantha Miller, Platform Account Executive, at smiller@toolwatch.com or (480) 280-9899. 

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