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WECA Members: Prep for transition to Zywave HR platform on Jan. 1; intro webinar on Jan. 9

Thursday, December 14, 2023

WECA Members, please mark your calendars: Zywave is your new HR platform benefit effective Jan. 1, with a complimentary intro webinar on Jan. 9.

A message from the WECA Membership Team:

On January 1, 2024, WECA will be transitioning from the Mineral HR platform to the ZYWAVE HR platform--a robust and expensive online HR service that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars if a member wished to engage this highly sought-after HR platform on their own.

Please save the date on your calendars for a free WECA HR support benefit webinar for our members:


To be held: January 9, 2024

Purpose: To demonstrate logging on and creating a password, navigating the website, and effectively utilizing the program and its tools

Timeframe: No more than 60 minutes

Note to California members: the webinar will begin at 8:30 AM

Note to Arizona and Utah members: the webinar will begin at 9:30 AM

Invitations will be sent to all WECA members - please watch your inbox!

Preparation: If your organization is currently using Mineral HR and your employees are taking training classes, please terminate their training by December 31, 2023, because the system will be turned off after this date. If you are currently using any other Mineral services (for example, to create handbooks), please finish those projects before December 31, 2023.

An SHRM consultant has informed us that her firm has recommended Zywave to their contractor clients for years. More specifically, they always recommend utilizing the following Zywave solutions:

  • Employee Handbook Builder
  • Learning Management System (LMS), which features over 100 construction-specific courses
  • Multi-State Law Comparison Tool
  • Job Description Builder
  • Salary Benchmarking Tool
  • Interview Question Builder and other similar solutions
  • Anti-Harassment Training and other similar solutions

The WECA Membership Team highly encourages all WECA members to attend this session.

Thank you,

The WECA Membership Team