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WECA's Student Referral Service (SRS): Connect with a great employer today!

Thursday, December 21, 2023

If you're looking for work as an Electrician Trainee in Kern County, you're in high demand!

If you're an unemployed Electrician Trainee residing in or near the Kern County area, we have excellent news for you -- WECA Member Contractors in your area are looking to employ you right now!

WECA's Student Referral Service is a conduit to introduce our current Electrician Trainees, Journeyperson Continuing Education students, and WECA Grads to our Member Contractors. It's meant for students or grads who are currently out of work, to help them find a great new position.

There is no charge to Student or Member to use our Student Referral Service. WECA's Student Referral Service provides additional customer service by having WECA staff provide hands-on referrals, taking some of that work off your plate.  

This is a free, no-obligation service. WECA's purpose in providing this service is to help our Member Contractors find the qualified workers they need. 

Three ways to sign up for the Student Referral Service today, with high demand in Kern County:

  1. Contact Trisha Hughes, Client Services ET/CE Specialist, at thughes@goweca.com
  2. Or call our office and ask to speak with her at 1-877-444-9322
  3. Or fill out the SRS sign-up form on our website.