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WECA and Corbins join forces to support Grand Canyon University's Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship

Thursday, December 28, 2023

In late 2022, Grand Canyon University in Arizona created a fifteen-week electrical pre-apprenticeship program to help meet the large demand for skilled electricians in Arizona.

To ensure the program's success, Grand Canyon University stipulated that the program would focus on what was best for the electrical trade and strive to connect that talent to merit shops and union shops alike, according to Heath Anderson, WECA Arizona's Outreach and Workforce Development Specialist.

In 2023, WECA and Arizona founding Member Contractor Corbins joined the Academic Advisory Board to support the program.

When the Fall 2023 term began, there were 120 students enrolled in the program -- the largest group yet! During the term, students worked with supporting electrical contractors -- such as Corbins -- on various activities.

WECA attended four sessions at the Corbins facility, where students learned more about the career opportunities available to them and assessed what they had learned during the program. During these sessions, WECA interacted with the students, showcased our Apprenticeship program, and touted the benefits of working for a WECA Member Contractor.

Of the 120 students initially enrolled in the program, 109 completed their studies. On December 12, these 109 graduates were joined by family and friends to celebrate their milestone. WECA and Corbins also attended the celebration to connect with and support the students and their guests.

"WECA eagerly anticipates seeing many of these students in our classrooms and labs at our Phoenix Apprenticehsip Training Center soon," says Heath.