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California Member Contractors: Need Electrician Trainees? Try WECA's Student Referral Service.

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Current County Availability Below.


WECA's Student Referral Service is a free job referral service that introduces our current ET, Journeymen, and WECA Graduate job seekers to Member Contractors in order to help meet their staffing needs. At this time, WECA's student referral service is only available in California.

This service is meant to help and benefit all involved. WECA Member Contractors are referred qualified WECA-trained applicants to help meet their staffing needs. And WECA Students, Journeymen, and Graduates get valuable job referrals.

WECA Member Contractors: To receive referrals from WECA's Student Referral Service, please contact Trisha Hughes, WECA ET/CE Client Services Specialist, at thughes@goweca.com  or 1-877-444-9322.


Count of Electrician Trainees registered with WECA's Student Referral Service and awaiting an introduction, by region, below. If you're a member contractor in one of these areas and would like a referral, please contact us today:

Fresno: 5

Los Angeles: 3

Sacramento: 6

San Diego: 5

San Joaquin County: 2

Ventura: 2

Need Electrician Trainees, but you're in a different region of California than those shown above? Just contact Trisha and let her know your needs. WECA will publicize a call for WECA students who are registered trainees in your area, but otherwise currently out of work, to sign up for SRS. We'll then provide you with appropriate incoming referrals.