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GetWired 301: Self-Paced Electrical Work for Commercial Construction from the Ground Up, Part 1

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Introducing the Next Self-Paced Online Option for Our GetWired Electrician Trainee Program Series:

GetWired 301: Self-Paced Electrical Work for Commercial Construction from the Ground Up, Part 1

Electrician Trainees Can Take It on Their Own Time, at Their Own Pace!?


WECA is excited to announce another way your employees enrolled in WECA's Electrician Trainee Certificate Program can take GetWired 301, the ninth class in WECA's Path to an Electrician Trainee Program Certificate!

We've long offered GetWired 301 as an instructor-led online course. And we still do!

But for students who would prefer to take this course at their own pace, on their own time, we're now offering a fully self-paced online option, just like we've been offering for earlier courses in the GetWired series! Students who might prefer this format include:

  • Students with job, childcare, or other obligations preventing them from taking the instructor-led scheduled courses in the evenings
  • Students who would benefit from being able to review the material at a slower pace, such as students for whom English is a second language
  • Students who just prefer to work on the coursework at times and places when it works best for them

WECA's new GetWired 301 Self-Paced Option is an entirely online, self-paced alternative version of our GetWired 301 course, which takes students through construction of a commercial building from underground work through construction and finish work. Students will use genuine construction plans (digital blueprints on a mobile tablet) and related documents to learn how to coordinate documents, work with other trades, and identify ways to save money through careful planning.

Course topics include:

  • How to read construction plans (blueprints)
  • Coordinating construction documents:
  • Identifying and planning for electrical work on construction plan sheet types
  • Underground utilities locator and coordinating with local utility companies
  • Parallel conductors, sizing secondary conductors and conduits and sizing grounding electrode conductors
  • Working clearances, services and meter types
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Scheduling Labor and materials

A 2020 NEC book, a set of digital blueprints and a digital student resource booklet are required for this course. The digital blueprints and the student resource booklet, pre-loaded on a complimentary mobile tablet, are included in the cost of the tuition. 

  • Total class hours available: 40.5
  • Standard Tuition Fee: $399

Know an Electrician Trainee this would work for?

Encourage them to enroll in GetWired 301 Self-Paced Online today!

Think they'd prefer being able to interact with an instructor and learn along with other students?

Encourage them to enroll in an upcoming instance of the original GetWired 301 here!